Sorare, a global fantasy football game built on the Ethereum blockchain is making a name for itself. The number of active users has significantly increased during the first quarter of 2021 and its cards’ sales volume is topping over $4 million monthly. Now with the regular European football season coming to an end with the long-awaited European Championships, it is time to take a closer look at Sorare. What is the game about?

Gerard Piqué

Sorare was founded in 2018 with a mission to become “the game within the game” where people can connect through their shared passion for football. Over the past years, the platform has established itself as a trusted marketplace where fans can collect, scout and trade official digital cards. Some of the early investors are Seedcamp, and world-class footballers Gerard Piqué and André Schuerrle. Sorare is currently supported by gaming giant Ubisoft and trusted by more than a hundred football clubs, with many more joining every month.

NFT “superpowers”

Sorare player cards are Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are used to assure verifiable digital scarcity, digital ownership. They also offer the possibility of asset interoperability across multiple platforms. NFTs are used in several specific applications that require unique digital items like crypto-gaming,crypto art, crypto-collectibles.

Sorare player cards are built on the Ethereum blockchain. As the founder of Sorare says:

“Blockchain technology gives Sorare cards superpowers”.

Issued as NFT, once you purchase your player card, you have the complete ownership of the card and it can even be used out of the Sorare environment essentially giving it endless possibilities.

Football Manager

As a Sorare player, you will step into the shoes of a football manager by creating your own team of fantasy soccer players from a wide range of international clubs. Unlike traditional fantasy sports, where players can only be chosen during an initial draft, as a Sorare manager, you will “own” the players of its team.


By purchasing tokenized playing cards, you will take your first steps towards creating your team. Your cards can then again be resold to other users, looking to make a good profit. This tokenization adds fascinating new layers of strategy and collectability to the non-traditional betting arena that fantasy sports currently offers.

Limited supply

The player cards are limited in supply, meaning that owning the best players is rewarding, both on the pitch and when trading.

Each season will have a limited supply of cards, which never expire. Tournaments are also free to enter, meaning there’s no limit on the number of tournaments you can enter.

Once you have your team put together, you can enter tournaments and start competing for cash prizes paid in ETH every single week. And you can continue trading as long as you like.


Sorare’s online community is one of loyal ‘football managers’ and its resources keep growing. While being active themselves on channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram and Reddit. There are also other fan pages available should you require some assistance getting started.

Just as with any fantasy game, data analysis will be key to your success. With its added layer of being a real ‘marketplace’ for NFT, there are currently many tools out there to support your football knowledge and stay up to date with the Sorare environment.

For example, there is a season planner that will help you with your managerial responsibilities of making sure that all your players will make playing-minutes each week.

There is even a Sorare podcast on Spotify where the community comes together to discuss recent developments.

Hot prospect

In the three years since conception, Sorare has proven to be a reliable and extremely fun platform. It is different from other Blockchain games by its design and intuitive user experience. Over a hundred football clubs have already joined in.

Just recently, a group of investors, led by Softbank, reportedly expressed interest in acquiring a stake of the company in a new funding round. This would effectively give the company a valuation of close to $4 billion.

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