When in 2009 Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was created, very few people understood the concept. Crypto casinos and other crypt operators were still unheard of at the time, with Bitcoin transactions still mainly used out of sight among the cryptographers and early adopters.

Just a decade later, the online gambling industry has started embracing cryptocurrencies and online casinos sprouting from various parts of the world. With the increased mainstream adoption of the past year, cryptocurrency and online casinos have seen massive growth.

With this in mind, what are some things you have to consider when selecting a reliable crypto casino? Take a look at the following:

Safe and Secure Payments

When comparing to traditional forms of payments, cryptocurrencies are more susceptible to on a site with slack security measures. A reliable crypto casino should therefore use encryption to safeguard player’s data and resources.

Prior to playing on a site, you have consider the payment process which usually starts by opening an (external) crypto wallet. After this, you will fund your wallet with your preferred cryptocurrency and use this to securely deposit on your favorite casino site. This site will have allocated a specific wallet address to your account in order to locate the funds.

Generally speaking, make sure to be mindful about the site you use. Do your due diligence prior to playing, check reviews of the site. Cryptocurrency overcome the practical challenges experienced in the various forms of transactions and intend to make the whole process easier. Nonetheless, the safety of your funds is key and if a site falls short, you risk losing it all.

Multiple cryptocurrencies

With the many cryptocurrencies out there, are accepting different forms of crypto transactions. Therefore, play on sites that have been well reviewed and offer multiple cryptocurrencies.

Most casinos accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Make sure to consider transaction costs of your preferred cryptocurrency.

Licensed casinos

Just as with the ‘traditional’ online gaming, the best and most reliable operators comply with licensing requirements in the markets they operate. This is no different for crypto casinos. Casino’s that have their license with the Malta Gaming Authority are generally considered reliable and safe. Prior to selecting your casino, get this checked out so that you can stay away from fraudulent casinos.

In an effort to penetrate the market, these casinos use enticing and unreal promises to lure in gamblers. So please, stay safe and only register with transparent and compliant casinos.

Bonuses, promotions & community

An online crypto casino without any special offerings is likely to flop. What draws players to (new) sites are exactly exciting bonuses and other forms of free money or free spins. A large welcome bonus is a must and that is where you can make your first big win when selecting your online crypto casino. Just make sure you are sticking to safe and compliant casinos as said previously.

There is no doubt that bonuses and promotions add excitement to online gaming. A trend that we are seeing is that more and more casinos are moving in on shared experiences, feeding right into the needs of its players or tribe. There are leaderboards up and running, or you can even go heads up against a friend and see who does best.

Wide variety of games

With thousands of casino games out there, any worthy crypto casino should have a diversified offering and include the most popular games for you not to miss out. So before you get lured in by the amazing welcome offer, take a look at the games that are being offered to make sure your favorite slot machine is part of the line-up.

Apart from attracting more players to casino sites, various gambling games enhance the reputation of casino operators.

Excellent customer service

Just as in any business, excellent customer service has a significant impact on online gambling. Being there for your players in any stage of their journey is key, and perhaps more so for the relatively new field of crypto casinos where the customer service team is expected to understand crypto to meet players high expectation.

The bottom line is to ensure that clients receive the best service at any time, and to assure their funds are safe. This means that online casinos should incorporate telephone, email, and online chat support, preferably 24/7 and in as many languages as possible.


In conclusion, sign up only with reputable and licensed casinos. Assure the payment process is safe and secure. And do not miss out on any promotional offers while playing your favorite games.

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