Jack Dorsey has hinted towards the possibility of Twitter integrating the Lightning Network yesterday, as he responded to a tweet:

Dorsey’s response was following a conversation around an app called Sphinx. Sphinx uses Lightning Network as a way of relaying messages between a set of users and for payments.

Being a second layer protocol for payment facilitation in Bitcoin, Lightning Network was designed in 2016 as a way of achieving scalability for micropayments. Its real world development and application took some time but now there are functional Lightning Network implementations that are mostly functional. A great example of such an implementation is payments app Strike founded by Jack Mallers. Its founder immediately responded to Jack Dorsey:

Dorsey’s message carries some significant weight. Twitter is building a decentralized social media protocol called Bluesky and might include Lightning Network as more than a payment method. Just as Sphinx chat is using it, the fast network could become the backbone of a new architecture.

Back in 2019, Dorsey already hinted at the integration of Lightning Network for Square’s Cash App, that allows users to buy Bitcoin directly.  However, Square has still not integrated Lightning Network into the app.

Square recently announced that is considering creating its own crypto hardware wallet. With his businesses having embraced Bitcoin and not showing any signs of letting go of the cryptocurrency, Dorsey continues to spread ‘the word’ to his followers. For example by sharing his excitement about the El Salvador Bitcoin Law that saw Bitcoin become legal tender in the country just earlier in the week:

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