A week after a UK court had decreed Bitcoin.org to stop hosting the Bitcoin white paper, on July 5 the website got hit by a a DDoS attack.

The pseudonymous website owner Cobra reported on Twitter that Bitcoin.org had been hit by a serious DDoS attack.

With the attack comes a demand of ransom to be paid in Bitcoin. The amount was not shared by Cobra.

Bitcoin.org is currently inaccessible to its regular users, who make use of the site for crypto news, information and Bitcoin software downloads.

The attack comes with a ransom demand of BTC. The amount has not been disclosed by Cobra. Due to this, the website has endured temporary inaccessibility and has denied its usual services to the people who are trying to utilize the website for crypto news and information.

In the same Twitter thread that he shared theDDos attack, Cobra went on about how vulnerable and completely websites are when they are under attack. According to him, years ago you would still be able to fight back however times have changes. He said:

“Now they just down you at will. There is no “fight” anymore, you go down and stay down until they leave you alone.”

Other attacks on crypto

It is not the first time the website has had some downtime for a significant amount of time. It is quite rare for websites like Bitcoin.org to be the victim of such attacks as it is just a simple website full of information on Bitcoin and the network. The site does not hold any personal or financial data.

This opposed to other websites like those of cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, OKEx, and Bitfinex who have in the past also suffered massive DDoS attacks. What these attacks all seemed to have in common was that the intention behind the attacks to damage the sites reputation instead of retrieving valuable data and information.

Bitcoin.org has been in some rough waters lately. Following a legal suit by Craig Wright who claims to be the man behind Bitcoin, the UK court stated that the site had to end hosting the Bitcoin White Paper. Furthermore, the site also blocked access to download Bitcoin Core Software for any UK-based IP links.

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