Casinos have existed for a long time. Because of this, they refined and adapted their strategy to grow and prosper in every historical period. But some things never change, and the house always wins.

It is well-known that most casinos games provide an advantage to the “house” in the long run. This brings a steady and predictable income stream; it can even grow depending on each country’s economic and social changes. But this alone usually does not provide growth.

To make sure everything operates on an ascendant scale, the online casinos need new players to help their business expand.

In the antique time predating the internet, the brick-and-mortar casinos usually run ads in newspapers and on billboards to attract new gamblers. But now times have changed, and new opportunities arose.

The online casino is the innovation that brought the whole gambling experience into the comfort of our homes. New horizons appeared for expansion, and the promotions came as the most natural thing possible.

The bonus unravelled

The majority of iGaming platforms put at their customers’ disposal incentives as a form of attracting them. Those incentives target new players as a way of welcoming them to the website. Casino experts consider the welcome bonus the best kind of promotion because it offers the most value for multiple deposits. With this kind of bonus, you receive something for generally three to five consecutive deposits.

This became standard practice in the industry very fast since most casinos nowadays provide this kind of encouragement.

Those promotional offers are a win-win situation for both parties involved. You must make an account to receive a no deposit bonus, or you must make a payment to receive a first deposit bonus. So, there is a particular type of exchange depending on the offer.

With these incentives, players receive free money they can play with, and the platforms get a new customer.

Besides the welcome type of promotion which we’ve explained, there are another three types aimed at new players. The first deposit bonus is similar to the welcome but consists of only one deposit, and the no deposit bonus and free spins are a trailer of what the casino can offer.

What to consider when choosing a bonus

When you deposit to receive a specific bonus, it usually mirrors your deposit. Still, it can go up to even 300% or higher depending on the platform and promotion.

We know this sounds very alluring but always be careful and look for the casino’s user agreements. Reading the bonus policy and the T&Cs must always be a priority. Although a study showed that only 1% of people read those pages when buying an item or contracting a service, one must always look out for what to expect when gambling.

In the terms and conditions, you can find out how a casino works, what you can do and cannot do on the website. Sometimes the bonus policy is incorporated in the T&Cs, but it has its dedicated page in other cases.

The bonus policy contains all the rules on using your bonus and when you can cash it out. The wagering requirements, betting rules, maximum cash out and all things regarding the bonus are there. Also, some bonuses come with their terms and conditions, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Lastly, but most importantly, always search for what institution provides the gambling license for the platform you want to join. Depending on the license, there can be unexpected issues during your activity on that website. Some licence sources have high standards that protect the gamblers, and others do not, so always be on the lookout for this.

When you want to claim a bonus, always investigate the website for their policy and licensing to avoid any unforeseen problems.

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