Anyone with knowledge of the global casino industry will know that it is no stranger to innovation. The industry was one of the first to embrace cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, as well as an early adopter of Livestream-powered gaming.

As such, it should come as no surprise that the industry continues to evolve, with new types of gaming and new ways to play coming to the forefront all of the time.

Much of these changes are a reflection of changing consumer habits, which many of the most competitive platforms are keen to adapt to before anyone else. If you’re out of the loop, here are some of the key casino industry trends we are seeing right now.

1. Hybrid Slots

One of the key trends we have seen in the development of slot games is the rise of hybrid slots, which go beyond the traditional format to include elements of interactive gameplay and skill-based play. One prominent example is the recent Rubiks Cube slot from Buzz Bingo casino, which includes bonus rounds where players can tackle Rubiks-esque puzzle games. As more players look for something extra, expect slots like this to become the norm. Sites like this host a variety of casino games, with many constantly expanding their libraries with new titles.

2. Browser Gameplay

A major trend in mobile gaming more generally is that people are eschewing apps in favor of titles that can be played entirely via mobile browser. We all know that customers expect shorter user journeys, and removing the app installation process entirely is just one simple way to compress that journey even further. While many top casinos continue to offer app-based gameplay, they are increasingly offering the full range of their products via browser as well.

3. Dense eSports Markets

The rise of eSports betting has been one of the most significant developments within online gambling markets in the past year. Today, it is no longer enough to simply offer the latest odds on Dota II. Many of the top casinos and sportsbooks now offer extensive odds on all eSports markets, with many even offering odds markets that can compete with the likes of EPL betting. This is simply an indication of how prominent eSports betting is among customers.


4. No Account Casinos

Nowadays, even creating an account and registering your information can be too onerous a task for many users. Instead, people want no-account casinos that allow them to play their favorite games without being registered with a specific platform. There are many reasons for this new demand, with privacy being a chief concern. What matters is that this trend is not going away anytime soon.

5. Lower Wagering Requirements

Finally, it’s worth looking at just how much expectations around bonus wagering requirements have changed in the past couple of years. Once upon a time, the industry standard was to have 40x or 50x wagering requirements on all bonuses. Nowadays, many competitive casinos are lowering these requirements, with Buzz Bingo (which offers 4x wagering requirements on its welcome bonus) being another example of this trend in action.

These are the trends that are reshaping the global online casino industry. New casinos should take note.

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