Since MIR4 launched on Steam and mobile devices last week, the number of players online enjoying the game has has been increasing dramatically every day since. The crypto role-playing game (RPG) is has already settled into Steam’s top 25. And despite ‘mostly negative’ reviews posted for the game so far, its breakthrough is largely due to cryptocurrency.

MIR4 is perfectly capitalizing on this year’s surge of cryptocurrency adoption with the mainstream audience. And gaming is no exception with youngsters embracing crypto and in-house tokens games have to offer.

DRACO earnings

Online RPG fanatics with an interest in cryptocurrency could not be more excited about this game as it offers its own native token, called DRACO. The token can be used to buy in-game items and expand your avatar’s capabilities. Simultaneously, DRACO has a ‘real-world’ value and can be exchanged for ‘hard earned’ dollars to be spend in the real world. Although the token’s price spiked to $6.25 short after the MIR4 launched, its price is currently sitting at $2. Amidst booming popularity of the crypto RPG, it seems only a matter of time before large cryptocurrency exchanges will start offering the game’s native token for trading.

NFTs and gaming

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have started gaining serious traction this year and the blockchain’s role in gaming has been a much talked about. Using blockchain, crypto tokens and NFTs for in-game use makes a lot of sense these days and games are an excellent vehicle for it. Digital ownership that is recorded on-chain, will prevent or at least make it more difficult for hackers to steal in-game earnings, something that has happened in the past with such games as World of Warcraft (WoW) or Defence of the Ancients (DoTA).

Already having taken advantage of blockchain and NFTs popularity is another play-to-earn game, Pokemon-inspired Axie Infinity. The game, developed in Vietnam, is seeing a huge popularity mainly in South-East Asian and the Philippines in particular, where people are deriving a basic income from playing the game. Players in the Philippines are being backed by ‘investors’ and have made it their day-to-day job. In August, Axie Infinity has generated over $750 million in sales across 1.4 million transactions.

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