Streaming is today an extremely important part of the online culture, and in many ways of daily life, especially for young people. It was only expected that sooner or later it would also impact the world of online iGaming and online casinos. But it would be an understatement to say that streaming had a superficial impact on online casinos – the change is fundamental. Let’s see how.

The Age of Streaming

With 44% of US respondents claiming that they are currently watching less television because of live streams, and popular streamers being as wealthy as music and film celebrities, we can state with confidence that we are now living in the age of streaming. For obvious reasons, the year 2020 was the threshold of this new age, and although this practice existed before, it was from 2020 onwards that we can see streaming drastically changing the way we view entertainment.

Some of the earlier practices that involved streaming were offered in 2016 on Twitch. Under the category IRL, people could live-stream their everyday life. The “Social Eating” category enabled users to stream themselves eating and drinking. Although this trend was taken up by many, it could expand dramatically in the near future.

Consider this: while in 2017 25% of US respondents live-streamed some content, the figures have now risen to 42%. Furthermore, it is projected that by next year, 25% of US Households will break off their cable TV subscriptions and that 82% of Internet usage will be for streaming.

Central to the development of the streaming industry is the incredible popularity that streamers enjoy. Whether it is on Twitch, YouTube, or Instagram, young people today have their favorite streamers like people once had their favorite movie stars. Therefore, the most popular streamers make tons of money: Ninja earns $400-800k, Shroud $150-200k, and NICKMERCS (Nick Kolcheff) around $100-150k every month.

Streaming and Online Casinos: What Happened?

Gradually, streaming took over the world of online gambling as well. It’s not only that it gave rise to new streaming stars, but online casinos themselves started implementing streaming technology into their services – through live-dealer games.

Taking, for example, games like online roulette, you can easily make a comparison between the two modes of play – a standard, digital mode, and a live-streamed mode. In a standard online roulette, you will get a perfect 3D (or sometimes 2D) design easily enjoyed by following a simple set of rules – as ArabianBetting explains, you pick a game, place a bet, put chips on the ‘table’, and hit the ‘Spin Button’. The communication stream takes place between you and the program. On the other hand, although in the live-dealer version you will follow the same set of rules, you will also get the chance to communicate with other players and the real person standing on the other side of the camera – live-dealer. Also, as the whole setting is placed in the real casino land-based establishment, live-streaming tech takes the best out of two – you still get the authentic brick-and-mortar experience but from the comfort of your home. This is how casinos cleverly came up with ways to enrich their services.

On the other side, online casino streamers came to the scene only in 2015, but are today an unavoidable segment. What they do for their viewers is not only entertainment, they provide valuable information on new games, as well as many tricks and tips that can be implemented while playing. On a more fundamental level, they provide the necessary human touch. Some of the most successful ones at the moment are:

Roshtein – Probably the number one casino streamer in the world today, with more than half a million followers at the moment. Roshtein is a Swede who lives in Malta and is known for streaming slots spinning and also for providing his viewers with some extremely exciting moments. One of those, for example, is his Є2.5 million win on the Fruit Party slot.

Trainwreckstv – This is a good example of a streamer mostly known for his video game streaming slowly transitioning into the area of gambling streaming. Although still primarily streaming Halo and Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Trainwreckstv is these days also known for his occasional team-ups with Roshtein. Today, he has almost a million and a half followers. While playing slots, the most he won so far was $769,500 that he won playing Buffalo King.

DeuceAce – The story is that DeuceAce is Roshtein’s friend (and rival) since grade school. He joined the casino streaming community very recently, in 2020. But he already has 140,000 followers and an average viewer count of more than 7 thousand. He is of Polish origin but was raised in Sweden, and has a background in finance. Thanks to his childhood friend, who just happens to be the world’s number one gambling streamer, he was introduced to casino streaming and decided to change his career and has not regretted his decision.

What streaming provided for the online gambling experience, and to the online casinos, in particular, is in many ways a very fundamental change: it made the experience much more interactive and human. Today, you can learn about online gambling from streamers, and implement that knowledge while chatting with other players in an online casino session.

In other words, with streaming, the online gambling experience became much richer and better.

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