The game of poker, say on such a cool site as, combines two main elements: the acquired knowledge and luck. And if luck can smile on everyone, then theoretical and practical knowledge each player has to build up on his own.

There are many books on poker that will allow you to learn the rules of the game, mathematical strategies, and the psychology of players.

  1. Harrington on “Hold ’em: Strategic play” in 3 volumes. This is a masthead book among all poker players. It allows you to understand all the nuances of the game and is a must-read. The three-volume book has been translated into many languages and is very popular in professional poker circles.


  1. P. Gordon’s “Little Green Book”. Unlike many poker guides, this book does not have a description of only dry rules and strategies. The author presents his reflections and players’ thoughts. So you begin to understand faster why your opponents at the table act this way.


  1. Andrew Seidman’s “The Easy Game”. Seidman’s two-volume book will be interesting to read for beginners and professionals alike. He is against the standard, formulaic game and encourages everyone to think carefully about their every move. Thanks to this book, you will learn to think and understand other players faster.


  1. Roy Rounder’s book “Poker Math Made Easy No-Limit Hold’em Secrets”. Mathematical miscalculations are an integral part of the game of poker. Many people find it incredibly difficult. But Rounder, in his book, explains in accessible language the ins and outs of how math can help you get to the poker top.


  1. E. Miller, D. Sklansky, M. Malmuth “Small Stakes Hold ’em: Winning Big with Expert Play”. A collaborative book by three professionals will teach you how to bust big bucks on the micro-limits when you play Limit Hold’em. The main objective is to teach the player an aggressive style of play, which is universally used by professional players. The book is full of interesting examples that make it easier to learn how to make good decisions.


  1. D. Sklansky’s “The Theory of Poker: A Professional Poker Player Teaches You How To Think Like One”. Although the title of the book clearly states that it is about poker theory, this is not exactly true. The author will teach you how to think properly, how to work your brain, and not just learn theory and apply it to the game. A very informative and necessary book.


  1. D. Brunson “Super System. Intensive Poker Course.” An interesting book in which you will find descriptions of game strategies and rules, as well as non-trivial tricks in poker.


  1. Tri Nguyen, Cole South “Let there be order”. The main theme of this book is the range of players’ hands. This is information that books don’t usually devote to, but it’s nowhere without it.


  1. Alan Schoonmaker’s “The Psychology of Poker”. Without knowing the psychology of players, there is nothing to do in poker. This is the basis and the key to a successful game. It is in this book perfectly described how to recognize the psychological type of the opponent to play effectively.


  1. Mike Caro, “Body Language in Poker”. Non-verbal communication can tell you a lot about your opponent. Learn to read body language, body language, and behavior. It will definitely help you in poker.


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