The governing body for gambling in Spain and the council in charge of sports have joined forces to fight betting fraud within Spanish sports.

The Spanish High Council for Sports (Consejo Superior de Deportes, CSD) has reached a deal with the gaming regulator in Spain – Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego, DGOJ – ensuring that the CSD now adheres to the sports betting alert system managed by DGOJ.

The system is designed to try and prevent the rigging of sports betting markets, by means of detecting practices that may fraudulently alter the result of a sporting event. The so-called Sistema de Alertas para apuestas deportivas has already become a tool of great importance to preserve the integrity of sports in Spain.

By signing the agreement with DGOJ, the High Council will be part of the interactive digital platform that helps the various different entities work together. As a result, all groups are now authorized to monitor betting activities and will share information in order to protect sports from match fixing and fraud.

Years ago, the Spanish football league already took measures to uncover irregular betting activities. In 2017, it it began utilizing the software Tyche, an innovative system that allows real-time monitoring and identification of abnormal fluctuations in betting odds for Laliga matches at bookmakers licensed in Spain, like the ones you may find at

The work of Spain’s LaLiga and ESSA

Nowadays LaLiga has a staff of analysts who not only scrutinize the reports generated by Tyche, but also monitor accounts opened on social networks – notably on Facebook and Twitter – searching for signs of possible fraud. According to the protocol, as soon as any irregularity is detected, it is immediately notified to both the DGOJ and the Spanish police force.

At the same time, LaLiga organizes informative panels at the Department of Integrity & Security and holds talks and integrity workshops where it promotes the values of sport across football clubs taking part in the league as well as across their academies. It also raises awareness about the importance of fighting fraud to ensure a fair competition.

Besides the Spanish football league, the European Sports Security Association plays a key role in the fight against betting fraud and match fixing. ESSA collaborates with LaLiga to preserve the integrity of sport, even though as an organization, it aims to defend the interests of the betting operators.

The main mandate of ESSA is to protect its members and consumers from potentially fraudulent sports betting activities. The organization and its members – European licensed gambling companies and sports associations – exchange sensitive information on suspicious betting patterns in markets where they operate.

The cooperation and exchange of information are essential weapons needed to fight fraudulent behaviors linked to sports betting, and that is why an increasing number of sports associations, business organizations and gaming operators are joining efforts to rid this scourge from sport.

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