In celebration of its 31st anniversary of entering the Chinese mainland, McDonald’s China announced the release of its first NFT on Friday October 8. The NFT also marks the official opening of the franchise’s new China headquarters in Shanghai, with the building’s design being the inspiration for creating the NFT.

McDonald’s China’s first NFT drop is called the “Big Mac Cube” and unsurprisingly named after one of the restaurant chain’s most popular burgers.

As per the announcement, The Big Mac Cube “is a three-dimensional dynamic digital creative work inspired by the brand spirit of McDonald’s and the shape of the new headquarters building.”

A total of 188 NFT pieces will be released and will be available to employees and customers of the popular fast-food chain in the form of limited gifts.

China CEO of McDonald’s, Zhang Jiaying, was extremely pleased with McDonald’s coming out as the first domestic restaurant brand to issue an NFT.

“McDonald’s is a young and trendy brand that has always paid attention to fashion trends and cutting-edge technology”

McDonald’s is not the first global food chain to have dabbled into NFTs. Last month, Burger King launched an NFT campaign with online platform Sweet. And as early as March this year, Taco Bell became the first to issue a series of “NFTacoBells”.

Crypto is turning into an important marketing-tool for global fast-food chains. Earlier this year, Burger King Brazil launched a campaign centered around Dogecoin and buying into the hype, Its “Dogpper” sandwich was available for a limited time in exchange for DOGE.

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