On Tuesday, Valve, creator of the gaming platform Steam, received a plea from a handful of blockchain gaming companies who sent an open letter requesting the gaming platform to reverse its decision to ban blockchain-based entertainment from its offering.

Notably, Fight for the Future, Enjin, and The Blockchain Game Alliance, together with 26 other blockchain game companies, are specifically calling on Valve to raise its ban on Web3 technologies including non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The letter stated:

“Games that utilize blockchain technology and web3 token-based technologies like DAOs and NFTs can positively enhance the user experience of games, and create new economic opportunities for users and creators.”

The Steam platform is a very lucrative venue upon which to introduce new blockchain games to the public. It is currently the largest digital distributor of PC Games with between 17 and 24 million concurrent users every day.

The companies’ appeal continued:

“Valve, Web3 games are a fast-moving and exciting category of games that have a place within the Steam ecosystem. Please consider changing your stance on this issue and permit tokens and, more broadly, the use of blockchain tech on the Steam platform.”

A month ago, Steam banned blockchain-based games to avoid any potential regulatory issues surrounding NFTs that are consider to possess real-world value.

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