The online casino market in New Zealand is growing year on year. But did you know that Kiwi casino enthusiasts can take advantage of this trend? Here’s how New Zealanders can look to turn a competitive marketplace into cash in the bank.

Spread the Net Wide

Nearly all of the top online casinos that serve New Zealand today offer great Welcome Bonuses to new customers.

Welcome Bonuses have increased in scale because Casinos tend to believe that this type of offer is the number one way of maximising your dwell-time on its site.

Ever being the contrarian, the way to upset the apple cart then is always likely to be to sign-up to a spread of casinos and move on when you have taken advantage of their generosity.

Wagering Requirements

Casinos always like to cover themselves when they provide a bonus.

The most common way to do this is by applying wagering terms.

In New Zealand, terms of between 35x to 70x are levelled at nearly every venue.

Mr Play offers its bonus at a lower rate, but casinos that include Lucky Nugget apply the top request.

Reading the small print is important in determining whether wagering quests are achievable. When table games contribute towards the requested stake, you stand a much better chance of spinning your bankroll to return a pay-out.

Let me explain.

Table Game Gains

For every $1 that you bet at the Roulette table at Sky City Online Casino, 35 cents adds towards your contribution.

At Sky City, there is a 35x wagering requirement.

In total, you need to make bets that total $3,500 (or $10,000 on Roulette) before you can make a withdrawal.

Roulette bets still count even when you cover 67% of the wheel.

Even for long spells, you would only potentially lose a few per cent of your bankroll when consistently betting in this way at level stakes. A pay-out of some form is, therefore, almost guaranteed.

Fibonnaci or D’Alembert

Theoretically, your chances of profiting from a Welcome Bonus improves further when you begin to use a betting strategy.

Betting strategies, once again, are only of use when applied to table games.

Going back to the strategy of covering 67% of the Roulette Wheel, in theory, you should win nearly twice in every three spins.

In reality, I can vouch that this is not the case, as my selections have often lost on seven, eight, or nine consecutive spins.

But applying a betting strategy should minimise the bites in your bankroll that a bad run of numbers ensures.

If you initially set your stakes low, you will be able to double your bets four, five, or six times before you reach the maximum limits allowed on bonus bets.

Within this period, one winning bet will recoup all of your losses.

If the roulette gods are on your side for a sustained period, you will inevitably return a profit from low-risk bets when a casino is generous enough to include more skill-based games.

Other Profitable Bonuses?

By putting in a little bit of study, you will find several ways to profit from most firms.

In the NZ market today, one area that is sometimes underexplored is the loyalty reward scheme. Most casinos have developed a rewards system of sorts, and some of these can be particularly lucrative.

The devil is, as always, lies in the terms and conditions.

Most schemes see players pick you points for spending on a casino product. Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat play is often allowed. Once a level has been reached, points are converted into bonus money, free spins, or used to buy additional rewards.

When schemes arrive in conjunction with weekly cashback amounts and, sometimes, daily, matched deposit bonuses, my eyes light up.

Using two or more offers in conjunction gives you the best chance to reduce the famed house edge to almost zero. If the house edge is zero, your chances of maintaining your bankroll are higher and, because pay-outs commonly rely on your bet turnover, you have a greater chance of hitting these targets.

If you are successful with these strategies, your access to a stream of bonuses may dry up. But do not be deterred. There are plenty more fish in the sea. Scour the market and move on to your next victim!

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