Peter McCormack, the “King of Bedford” and well known in the crypto community for his podcast ‘What Bitcoin Did’, has announced the purchase of his local English Football club Bedford FC.

Sharing his ambitions in a long twitter thread, McCormack said he aspires to lead the club with “Bitcoin at its heart”. The Bitcoin advocate plan is to guide the club to the British Premier League by adopting the Bitcoin Standard, giving him a massive edge to other teams.

The 43-year-old McCormack, born and raised in Bedford and still residing there, intends to go beyond football by introducing a crypto education training program for fans and community members and by facilitating open-source development opportunities.

Already having a large army of 432,000 Twitter followers, he is also backed by the crypto industry and as McCormack tells his audience, these factors are exactly what put his new club in an advantageous position compared to local competitors:

“Where local teams can only tap into a local community of fans/companies to drive revenue, we have a global army of #bitcoin holders and companies who can get behind this.”

McCormack also discusses sponsorship deals that are already in place, such as with Compass Mining. While Bedford FC is ‘only’ a South Midlands League Division 1 club acting locally, the club’s “year 1 revenue could match a small league 1 club”, which is just 2 leagues under the Premium League. The new Chairman is confident that combined with his brilliant plan and ambitions, this capital will attract players and managers from higher divisions to join to the club in its journey to the Premier League.

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