A fresh Kickstarter campaign to publish an educational book for America’s federal government about Bitcoin was launched by a group of eight Bitcoin enthusiasts. With Texas-based crypto entrepreneur Jimmy Song being the best known among them, the group is looking to educate U.S. policymakers to reduce their reliance on the traditional media narrative on cryptocurrencies. The campaign managed to attract $23,151 in funding, nearly five times the goal of $5,000.

The book, which according to the Kickstarter page can possible be titled “Bitcoin and the American Dream”, got its final push once the United States House of Representatives passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, which imposes strict reporting regulations for the wider crypto community. The authors of the Bitcoin book state:

“We set out to write a book to help policymakers understand where Bitcoin users are from and what they care about. We want to dispel the notion that it’s a nerd money and show how it’s impacting so many people in America.”



Beside Song, other authors include Annaliese Wiederspahn, Gary Leland, Pete Rizzo, Amanda Cavaleri, CJ Wilson, Charlene Fadirepo and Lamar Wilson. Their campaign has raised $23,151 in funding, about five times the goal of the needed $5,000.

The Bitcoin book will be finalized by the end of 2021 and as soon as January, the audiobook and paperback will be made available for sale, supported by a “book launch event in Washington DC to promote this book.” About the book’s ‘raison d’etre’, the group states:

“As authors of this book, we recognized that the impressions in Washington were far from the reality and sought to correct this perception.”

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