Oscar and multiple Grammy Award winning rap musician, Eminem just joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), after buying one of the non fungible token (NFT) apes Thursday on NFT marketplace, OpenSea platform.

After spending, 123.45 Ethereum, a little over $450,000, Eminem quickly put his new ‘apework’ up as his Twitter profile picture. Eminem’s ape wears a military-style hat, hip hop clothing and holds a dazed expression.

After hoping for months that the entertainer would buy the ape, BAYC member GeeGazza, who sold Eminem the ape, expressed his thanks on Twitter:

Georgio Constantinou, artist manager of Web 3-focused digital agency Six had already dubbed the NFT “the EminApe.”

Eminem was named by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the 100 Greatest Artists of All-time. He has won an Oscar in 2002 for best Original Song for “Lose Yourself” that featured in the movie 8 MILE. The artist also received a total of 15 Grammy music awards. The purchase of the “Eminape” NFT is not his first step in crypto space. The Detroit rapper has so far accumulated about 20 NFTs on OpenSea under the name Shady Holdings. Back in 2018, Eminem already talks about Bitcoin on his track “Not Alike”.

In April this year, in partnership with Gemini owned Nifty Gateway, rapper artist Eminem unveiled his first series of NFTs which featured a rare limited edition called “STAN’S REVENGE.

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