As reported by Twitter account Whale Alert, a large portion of Bitcoin that was stolen six years as a result of the infamous Bitfinex hack, were moved on Tuesday morning.

With a value of over $383,000, 10,000 BTC were transferred to an unknown wallet, which is approximately 8% of the total 119,756 BTC taken from Bitfinex in 2016, one of the biggest bitcoin hacks to date.

The stolen Bitcoin were last moved in April 2021, when over $700 million worth of coins transferred to unknown wallets during the bull run at the time.

Usually, such movement of malicious funds would point to the bad actors looking to cash out and spooks markets. However, the majority of the BTC associated with the hack are tracked and blacklisted. Therefore, hackers will hardly be able to cash out their loot on the major centralized exchanges.

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