In an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box”, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and crypto entrepreneur, Anthony Pompliano, said that the United States needs to take the lead when it comes to Bitcoin acceptance.

In the context of national security, Pompliano noted that although Bitcoin adoption at the national level is well underway, with bipartisan support for the top cryptocurrency, the US does not really have a strategy on how to take initiative and benefit:

“We need to get very serious about what is our Bitcoin strategy as a nation state.”

The entrepreneur and host of his own YouTube channel, said that America should become the biggest holder of Bitcoin. He added:

“Bitcoin is an American technology from an ethos standpoint. It’s about censorship resistance, it’s about free speech; it’s about self sovereignty and individual rights.”

Pompliano’s outlook comes after Bitcoin’s price has rebounded off a 18% dip following Russia’s expedition in Ukraine. He notes that a lot of the selloff pressure is “behind us” now, having come from short-term holders and institutional traders, who have been selling at a loss.

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