Flutter takes a closer look at the third pillar in its five pillar Safer Gambling Strategy.

After CEO Conor Grant previously discussed ‘Discover’ and ‘Educate’, Grant now describes the third, ‘Empower’, whereby the company “constantly tests the effectiveness of our ‘Play Well’ safer gambling tools and improving where we can, so that customers feel empowered to make informed decisions to manage their play safely.”   

How does this look like in practice?

Across its UK and Irish brands, Flutters offers “a range of helpful ‘Play Well’ safer gambling tools including Deposit and Loss limits, Take A Break and options to Self-Exclude.” This includes “data visualisation tools such as our Profit and Loss Calculator – which is increasingly recognised as an added product feature rather than a safer gambling tool – are helping to shift perceptions and normalise discourse around tool usage more broadly.”

Having set themselves a global goal that by 2030, 75% of the active online customers will be using one of these ‘Play Well’ tools, with over 50% using them by 2026, the Flutter CEO notes, it “isn’t just about macro tool usage, but on a broader shift towards the education and empowerment of customers to use our products safely.”

The Flutter chief concludes:

“We know we have more work to do to reach our stated goals, but I strongly believe that helping customers become more aware of their own activity and empowering them to make informed decisions, will be imperative as we look to extend our leadership in safer gambling.”

The five pillars of Flutters’ Safer Gambling Strategy are:

  • Discover – Proactively advance the industry’s understanding of gambling harm.
  • Educate – Improve all customers’ and colleagues’ understanding of gambling harm.
  • Empower – Give every customer the tools and understanding to use our products safely.
  • Understand – Identify everyone exhibiting higher-risk behaviours early in their risk journey.
  • Support – Interact with more customers and give the right level of support for each.


Flutter took its leading role on responsible gaming in the global gambling industry a year ago.

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