OkLetsPlay is proud to announce its partnership with Riva Technology and Entertainment (RTE) and Galaxy Racer — two powerhouse institutions with unparalleled gaming and tech innovations in the esports world and beyond.

The collaboration between OkLetsPlay’s world-class esports platform and Galaxy Racer, the largest esports, gaming and lifestyle organization worldwide, could be a game-changer. Working with Galaxy Racer should lead to rapid growth for OkLetsPlay in its market launch.

OkLetsPlay, the patented cash and crypto esports tournament platform for competitive and casual PC, mobile and online video games, recently closed a $1.25 million initial decentralized exchange offering in less than 30 minutes with the highly regarded Polkastarter platform, team and community.

OkLetsPlay (OKLP) is now listed on the Mexc centralized exchange and the QuickSwap decentralized exchange in a USD Coin (USDC) pair.

The OkLetsPlay team has been developing a market-leading product and is now stepping into the limelight from app building and testing to its highly-anticipated launch. Users can expect to hear more from OkLetsPlay as it releases exciting news on apps, partnerships and game integrations in the weeks leading up to its launch.

The partnership with RTE and Galaxy Racer is a step forward for OkLetsPlay’s position in the market and represents a significant boost to its project scope, resource accessibility, market strategy and long-term goals in a highly competitive and explosively growing esports market.

About RTE

For 20 years, RTE has been investing in some of the most successful entertainment brands globally, including OkLetsPlay, Galaxy Racer, Firefly Games, Rogue Games Inc., Sub2R, Splink, Recast, VY Esports and Trinity Entertainment.

RTE provides a wide range of products and services, including location-based entertainment, brand licensing, intellectual property licensing, content development, consumer products, gaming and esports. RTE will support OKLetsPlay in developing and delivering its unparalleled, game-changing esports tournament platform globally.

Galaxy Racer

Galaxy Racer is the largest esports, gaming and lifestyle organization worldwide. It has an impressive roster of teams and content creators, amplifying them through brand endorsement deals, streaming contracts, creator collaborations, digital rights management, monetization, offline event opportunities, social media channels management and content programming. It has more than 100 creators globally, more than 500 million subscribers and 2.5 billion-plus monthly views.

Galaxy Racer’s competitive esports division, Nigma Galaxy, boasts more than 10 esports teams, spanning players from 20-plus countries and more than 60 female and male esports athletes in titles, including Dota 2, League of Legends, Valorant, PubG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India, League of Legends (LoL), LoL: Wild Rift and Garena Free Fire.

About OkLetsPlay

OkLetsPlay is an online portal where players enter a global lobby for games, matches, tournaments, chatting and fun.

Players can invite and challenge others to test their skills, demonstrate their abilities and see who emerges victorious.

OkLetsPlay offers real-time instant winnings in crypto and fiat with fully automated games, matches and tournament results-reporting with prize distribution.

OkLetsPlay utilizes a patented, ultra-lite linkage to quickly and cost-effectively connect to video games while leaving the original game unchanged. This allows for high scalability and opens the door to unlocking massive ecosystem growth, with the potential to outpace and outperform its competition.

About Galaxy Racer

Galaxy Racer was founded in 2019 and is one of the largest esports, gaming and lifestyle organizations worldwide. Its competitive esports division, Nigma Galaxy, has an impressive roster of 12 esports teams.

It values its diversity and equal representation in esports, with more than 60 male and female esports athletes from more than 20 countries and 100-plus content creators in North America, the Middle East-North Africa region, Southeast Asia, Europe and South Asia, amassing more than 500 million followers and generating more than 2.5 billion monthly views.

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