The NFT event in Latin America manages to be a success in chaotic times. Here are the reasons why and their implications.

These are not good days for the world of finance. The collapse of most cryptocurrencies has sparked debate about their reliability and future.

The collapse of cryptocurrencies in recent weeks, with Bitcoin (BTC) at the forefront, has generated great uncertainty. Doubts about cryptocurrencies are intensifying, and a prediction is impossible regarding their future.

Despite current times, Vibrant, a nonfungible token (NFT) event, is hosting its first edition in Latin America as a diamond in the rough. The sudden interest it has generated globally is a breath of fresh air, showing the crypto world can be about fostering art and trust — not just market conditions.

How has Vibrant earned this reputation, and what messages can be gleaned from the realization?

Why is Vibrant a success?

Vibrant has sold out weeks ahead of its debut event due to attractive features, including an NFT exhibition with the support and works of global artists; conferences with experts in music, finance and the metaverse; immersive experiences bringing attendees face-to-face with the future; a collection of Vibrant NFTs and more.

In spite of dark predictions for the future, a significant portion of the population has a growing and effusive interest in the crypto world. With crypto art, Vibrant is making itself heard in Latin America’s cultural agenda, attracting a captive audience, worldwide media, CEOs of various companies interested in boosting business with new trends, government leaders and major promoters who want Vibrant in their countries.

Vibrant is possible thanks to the community awards program of Dfinity Foundation, an entity that has worked for years on its increasingly popular public blockchain network, Internet Computer. The foundation’s fervent promotion of this technology, positioned as a new paradigm of decentralization, is making the most of its numerous benefits.

Vibrant’s first edition is at Juan B. Castagnino Fine Arts Museum in Argentina — a significant artistic site in the Southern Cone — is no less important. Argentina is a country with great prospects for regional crypto adoption and is unfairly relegated, considering its leading role in the global financial panorama.

The event is setting a precedent in the artistic and financial worlds and will take place on June 24 and 25.

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