Often criticized for not being more than a meme coin, lacking any development works, Dogecoin (DOGE) have released a network upgrade which offers “important security updates and changes to network efficiency.”

Dogecoin developer Patrick Lodder released details on Github and noted the improvements will drastically improve usability of the network. The popular meme cryptocurrency’s upgrade will lower the minimum amount an address requires to use the network, the recommended dust limits:

“This release changes the recommended dust limit for all participants on the Dogecoin network from 1 DOGE to 0.01 DOGE.”

The dust limit was introduced in 2014 to fight spam, Lodder added:

“The Dogecoin chain has a relatively low block interval, 1-megabyte blockspace and aims to provide a cheap means for people to transact. Therefore, the biggest threat to the Dogecoin chain as a whole is spam and in 2014, a transaction fee and dust disincentive were introduced, to combat on-chain spam.”

Furthermore, security-related patches are available, which include ridding of the for most part unused peer-to-peer alert system.

The upgrade is aimed at making computing resources more efficient and resilient, especially when experiencing high traffic.

“Significantly reduce the impact of peers that withhold transaction information (accidentally or otherwise) in the announcement stage, before the transaction is mined, by enforcing strict controls, limits and timeouts on all transaction announcements and giving preference to outgoing connections when deciding which peer to request transaction information from.

This improves the resilience of the entire network and improves reliability of transaction relay throughout.”

At time of writing, DOGE is moving hands at $0.06847 according to CoinMarketCap data, up almost 10% in the last seven days.

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