STEPN, the Move-to-Earn (M2E) Web3 lifestyle app that uses blockchain network-based tokenized incentives to encourage people to go outdoors, has celebrated its first birthday on Thursday. During its first year, the company raised $5 million from investors and has more than 4.72 million users in more than 200 countries around the world, as well as numerous partnerships.

Over the past year, STEPN has released some exciting features and platform improvements that add significant value to its active users. Some of the highlights from the past year include:

Other Company Highlights are:

  • Three different blockchains were successfully integrated into the STEPN platform – Binance Smart Chain, Solana and Ethereum
  • Total daily active users hit an all-time high of 1 million on June 2, 2022.
  • Users of its M2E App walked, jogged, and ran a total of 108,017,738 kilometers

There was also some headwind when China’s crackdown against crypto-related business forced mainland users of the NFT M2E app Stepn offline. Since July 15, a geo block has been in place for users in the region.

Yawn Rong, Co-Founder of STEPN, said:

“STEPN has experienced impressive growth since our launch in 2021. By integrating new blockchains onto the platform, dropping new NFT collections, and adding new industry-leading features, we are continuing to revolutionize the move and earn space. Our team is dedicated to delivering the best features in a transparent manner, while also keeping our platform secure. We are in constant communication with our community and are excited to continue working with them to grow STEPN and bring crypto to an expanding audience.”

Jerry Huang, STEPN Co-Founder, added:

“Crypto’s presence on the global stage has expanded exponentially since its inception, and new use cases for the asset class are continuing to present themselves. STEPN is continuing to bridge the world between web2 and web3 and by bringing crypto and NFTs to a wider audience we are able to do just that. Our platform enables users to experience the world of crypto in a simplistic and straightforward manner, while allowing them to earn rewards for simply moving. STEPN is dedicated to driving innovation in the web3 space, and we are poised to improve upon our existing offerings while also deploying new features in the coming months.”

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