After recently purchasing 301 Bitcoin (BTC) to add to its balance sheet, business software intelligence firm MicroStrategy posted a job listing on the online portal MicroStrategy’s job offer is for full-time employment as a Bitcoin Lightning Software Engineer and the chosen employee will be in charge of establishing a Lightning Network (LN) SaaS platform.

MicroStrategy’s job posting was placed on this week, on which MicroStrategy executive Chen Wan elaborated:

“As a Bitcoin Lightning Software Engineer at MicroStrategy, you will build a Lightning Network-based SaaS platform, providing enterprises with innovative solutions to cyber-security challenges and enabling new ecommerce use-cases.”

According to the job description a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar discipline is required, and a “Master’s degree or Ph.D. in computer science/engineering is a bonus.” The candidate should also have “strong understanding of data structures, algorithms, operating systems, distributed systems, and other core computer science concepts,” according to the recruitment ad.

Recently stepped down as CEO, Michael Saylor had already hinted on developing an enterprise application of a layer-2 scaling solution as part of “some ongoing R&D projects.”

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin holdings of 130,000 BTC are the largest among corporations worldwide.

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