Alright, so you are new in crypto and want to invest in coins because you do know that it is the future. But where do you start? Well, roughly by the coins in this top 5, with two stable rocks on top and three potential mega hits.

  1. Ethereum (ETH), has been fluctuating stable around $1300 since June and has become greener since the merge. Quite interesting!
  2. Bitcoin (BTC), the golden standard of the crypto sphere. It has been trading comfortably around $20,000 since June and is seen by friend and foe as one of the best hedges against inflation.
  3. Terra Classic (LUNC), after that monumental crash from around $80 to around $0, switched to supply burning, returning value per coin. The token is subject to daily fluctuations of 5-10% or sometimes up to 40%.
  4. Terra (LUNA), since the 1.2% supply burn of Luna Classic (LUNC), its big brother LUNA also going up. Since there are many developments on both blockchains, it remains a speculative currency, which sometimes pumps hard but also falls hard! Speculative coins can be very lucrative, although your money can evaporate just as quickly!
  5. Ripple (XRP), both in the short run but also forecasted long-term, is on the rise after positive developments in the lawsuit with the U.S. regulator. Getting in now could pay off.

Two of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, Binance and FTX, are happy to welcome you and guide you in taking your first steps being new in crypto.

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